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FMA's 85th National Convention

& Management Training Seminar

March 26-29, 2023

Alexandria, Virginia

In response to our convention delegates requests several years ago, we moved to a "green" approach to providing attendees the convention materials. Below, you will find the documents we will refer to at FMA's upcoming National Convention. Internet will be available in the meeting room, but we recommend you download in advance any of the below materials you want to be sure you will have during the convention, such as the "Convention Program."

For those who prefer a hard copy of materials, we will make a limited number of binders available. If you know that you would prefer a hard copy, please write Latorea Wilson (lwilson@fedmanagers.org) a quick note to let her know. Thanks!

Program/General Information

President's Convention Welcome Letter - 2023

Convention Program

Awards Info Booklet 2023

Library of Congress Brochure

Reports & Presentations

Balance Sheet - January 2023 

Budget vs Actual - January 2023 

FMA Membership 2022 

FMA Membership 2023 

National Convention 2023 Rebate Instructions 

Profit & Loss YTD - January 2023

Voting Strength NC23 - All Chapters

Chapter Proxy Voting Form


PROPOSED RESOLUTION BL-01-NC23 - Executive Board Member Term Extension

Robert's Rules Cheat Sheet 

Issue Briefs, Legislative & FMA-PAC

2023 FMA Issue Briefs

FMA Fact Sheet

FMA Accomplishments 2023

Legislative Tracker

Day on the Hill Handout

Sample Thank You Letter to Hill 2023

Congressional Visit Feedback Form 2023

LAT Virtual Handbook 2023

Discover FMA-PAC 2023

Management Training Seminar

Management Training Seminar 2023

Barbara Haga - Navigating Leave Complexities

Mika Cross - The Changing Nature of Work and the Future of the Federal Workforce

Training Day Survey 2023

FMA Logo

Advocating Excellence in Public Service

Why Join FMA?

The Association’s considerable influence stems from a team approach to advocacy. When lawmakers or agency decision-makers consider proposals that could adversely affect the management of the federal workforce, they quickly realize that TEAM FMA stands together to protect the interests of all its members.

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