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Remote Employee Engagement Leadership (REEL) Toolkit

The Federal Managers Association recognizes the challenges federal leaders continue to face in establishing effective remote or hybrid teaming models to deliver on the promise of their agencies, and supports leaders by providing relevant and curated resources. Please utilize the resources below.

The Federal Managers Association has partnered with the Partnership for Public Service’s Excellence In Government (EIG) fellows leadership program to offer the Remote Employee Engagement Leadership (REEL) Toolkit. The EIG Big Red Team, with the sponsorship of FMA, created the REEL Toolkit to address a critical challenge and provide a measurable and positive difference to our federal government. The EIG Big Red Team members are Alexandria Kelly - General Services Administration (GSA), Dustin Parks - The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Karen Gaffin - US Air Force (USAF), Nancy Bitzer (Railroad Retirement Board (RRB), Sarah Kleinbaum - Department of Energy (DOE), and Todd Paynter - Department of State (DOS).

Emotional Intelligence 

Identifying and managing one’s own emotions, as well as the emotions of others.

Active Listening

Listening for understanding and observation of non-verbal cues and responding to and remembering what is said.

Modeling a Remote Management Style 

Insights on key differences between managing in-person and remote teams.

Core Competencies for Remote Workers

Essential attributes of a successful remote worker and how to help your team bridge the gaps.

Wellbeing/Social Engagement

Strategies to help overcome concerns about employee isolation and disengagement while working remotely.

Team Dynamics

Engaging and empowering the team. Ensuring all are effectively contributing and staying connected.

Teleworking Tools

Managing the logistics of working outside the office.


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