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  • Tuesday, November 26, 2019
  • Sick Leave – The Gift That Keeps on Giving - November 21, 2019
  • Working with Congress, the Federal Managers Association was the driving force behind the FERS Sick Leave Credit legislation that rewards feds for responsible use of leave.

    Reg Jones Expert's View, FEDweek

    Sick leave is one of the government’s high-value benefits. Not only does it help when you are ill but it can also be used in other cases, such as childbirth, adoption, absence for funerals, and family care and bereavement.

    Full-time employees get 13 days a year (part-time employees get prorated amounts) with no limit on the carryover year to year, meaning that some employees have a substantial amount to their credit at the end of their careers. Whatever amount you will have, you’re due for a payoff when you retire. No, you won’t get a lump-sum payment for it the way you would for annual leave but it will be used to increase the amount of your annuity.

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