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  • Tuesday, July 02, 2019
  • The Agencies Behind The FITARA 8.0 Ball
  • By: Andrew Eversden, Federal Times 

    The new Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act scorecard showed mediocre grades in overall IT modernization for 24 federal agencies and Congress is pressing agencies to come up with ways to do it better.

    Since the last report in December 2018, five federal agencies improved their overall grade. Fourteen remained stagnant and five decreased. No agencies received an overall “A” rating, continuing a trend of the highest score given since November 2017 being a “B-plus.”

    The new scorecard, released June 26, included updated requirements for chief information officer authority and a new section on Federal Information Security Management Act, both of which were factored into the final grade on a non-preview basis for the first time.

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