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  • Politicians may rail against the ‘deep state,’ but research shows federal workers are effective and committed, not subversive - March 28, 2024
  • COMMENTARY | "Our years of research about the people who work in the federal government finds that they care deeply about their work, aiding the public and pursuing the stability and integrity of government," write two scholars.

    Jaime Kucinskas and James L. Perry, Government Executive

    It’s common for political candidates to disparage “the government” even as they run for an office in which they would be part of, yes, running the government.

    Often, what they’re referring to is what we, as scholars of the inner workings of democracy, call “the administrative state.” At times, these critics use a label of collective distrust and disapproval for government workers that sounds more sinister: “the deep state.”

    Most people, however, don’t know what government workers do, why they do it or how the government selects them in the first place.

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