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  • Federal managers play a key but forgotten role in job satisfaction - March 18, 2024
  • A recent GAO report examining employee engagement at TSA underscores the need for a people-centric approach in attracting and retaining talented workers.

    Howard Risher, Government Executive -

    The continued high turnover problem of TSA’s transportation security officers confirms an important lesson: pay increases have little impact on job satisfaction. The poor performers are more likely to stay if their salary is increased. Studies also show when everyone gets the same increase, it’s the high performers who leave. Pay is a factor in recruiting – both positive and negative – but, as the TSA experience shows, it’s not the answer for solving job vacancy problems.

    The Government Accountability Office completed an analysis of TSA’s staffing problems, digging deeply into understanding the root causes of employee dissatisfaction, and exposing issues that have not previously surfaced in discussions of federal workforce management. Significantly, the issues are solidly consistent with what’s emerging in studies in other sectors.

    To read the full article, click here.


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