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FMA Scholarship

The 2017 FMA Scholarship application process

is now closed.

Please click here for more information and to apply

FEEA: the Federal Employee Education and Assistance Fund is pleased to announce its 2017 scholarship program is now open. The online application and instructions are available at www.feea.org/scholarships. The application deadline is 3pm EST on Monday, March 27, 2017. 

Note to Retiree Applicants/Sponsors: when asked for your work information, please use your home contact information. For your Work Title, please note "RETIREE."

Each year, FEEA awards more than 200 scholarships nationwide to the children of civilian federal and postal employees, as well as the employees themselves and eligible spouses. The merit-based awards range from $1,000 - $5,000. For complete eligibility and award details, please download the application instructions at www.feea.org/scholarships.

Students wishing to apply for FMA’s scholarship program should complete the FEEA application, checking the FMA box, and including the sponsor’s FMA member number or chapter number in the pop-up box that appears. If the sponsor is a member of other listed organizations as well, please follow the instructions on the application to check all that apply. The number of FMA awards available is based on donations, which can be made at www.feea.org/givefma.

FMA-FEEA Scholarship

The Federal Managers Association joined FEEA’s Board of Directors in 1993. In the years since, FEEA and FMA have forged a partnership that continues to benefit both organizations.

FMA provides FEEA with an organized network of federal managers who help publicize FEEA’s programs by referring employees to Emergency Assistance loans and grants, reminding them when it’s scholarship time, and helping FEEA get the word out during the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC).

In 1994, FMA launched its scholarship program open to members and their dependent family members. Rather than reinvent the wheel, FMA asked FEEA to administer the program, in conjunction with FEEA’s own scholarship contest. FMA members, as well as their spouses, children and grandchildren, complete one application and are effectively entered in both the FMA and FEEA contests. Adult children and other relatives are now also eligible to apply for an FMA-FEEA scholarship if claimed on the sponsoring employee’s tax return. Grandchildren are also eligible for FMA Scholarships.

The number of $1,000 FMA scholarships awarded each year depends upon donations from members at FMA’s Annual Convention and throughout the year. Donations may also be made online at the FMA Scholarship Fund page of the FEEA website. FMA also awards two special distinction scholarships each year: the $1,500 Frances Webb Scholarship and the $1,000 Bradford Casas Memorial Scholarship.

FYI: The Federal Employee Education & Assistance Fund's CFC number is 1-1-1-8-5. Please use this number when making a CFC pledge.

You can learn more about FEEA, and make a contribution, by visiting www.feea.org.

Team FMA is an important part of the FEEA family and an advocate for federal managers everywhere. We are proud of the great work that FEEA does on behalf of federal employees.

Congratulations 2016 FMA-FEEA Scholarship Winners!