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FMA chapters serve our common mission of “Advocating Excellence in Public Service” and supporting the needs of federal managers. Local FMA chapters bring managers together to identify mutual problems, promote self-help and professionalism and create a forum to stimulate an exchange of ideas and techniques. FMA chapters can also provide managers a line of communication to all levels of management, including national officials. Local FMA chapters work directly with the FMA national office on problem solving on a variety of issues specifically concerning federal managers. Additionally, chapters allow the national office to quickly devise plans and communicate solutions to agency specific matters.

Below are the designated regions for the Federal Managers Association. If you are interested in joining a local chapter, or creating an FMA chapter at your location, please contact the FMA National Office at (703) 683-8700.


Chapter Sites

Chapter 14

Chapter 125

Chapter 167

Chapter 275


Chapter President/ Email

Social Security Administration (313) Birmingham, Alabama

Bobby Maxena maxenab@gmail.com

Marine Corps Air Station (247) Yuma, AZ

Mary Ellen Finch maryellen4364@gmail.com

U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) (143) Camp Pendleton, CA

Julius J. Dixon fmachapter143@yahoo.com

Del Monte Naval Postgraduate School (308) Monterey, CA

Susan G. Dooley sgdooley2@att.net

Edwards Air Force Base (104) Lancaster, California

Vincent Doss vincent.doss@gmail.com

Social Security Administration (307) Richmond, CA

Delia Garcia delia.garcia@ssa.gov

Naval Warfare Center Weapons Division (28) China Lake, CA

Joe Hibbs ugojoe@mchsi.com

Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center (138) Martinez, CA

Leonard F. Lew lflew@sbcglobal.net

March Air Reserve Base (233) Riverside, CA

Jacqueline S. MacGowan jacqueline.macgowan@us.af.mil

Beale Federal Managers Association (Air Force) (381) Beale, CA

Christopher Marquard navy_cmc@yahoo.com

Naval Weapons Station (90) Concord, CA

John W. Mikel johnmikel372@gmail.com

Travis Air Force Base (167) Travis Air Force Base, CA

William S. Morrissey Bmorrissey945@gmail.com

USMC - Marine Logistics (47) Barstow, CA

Yolanda Ojeda yoly40@aol.com

Naval Warfare Center (NAWC) Point Mugu (35) Point Mugu, CA

Rose Mary Schaefer RMSspintoknit@twc.com

Naval Aviation Depot (18) San Diego, CA

Curtis Witherspoon curtis.witherspoon@navy.mil

U.S. Mint (128) Denver, CO

Robert L. Trujillo robertl.trujillo@usmint.treas.gov

Internal Revenue Service (234) Connecticut

Cheryl A. Pepe cheryl.a.pepe@irs.gov

Bureau of Engraving and Printing (216) Washington, D.C.

Roscoe Ferguson roscoe.ferguson@bep.treas.gov

Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) (148) Washington, D.C.

Lisa Lee lsburke@hotmail.com

General Services Administration Public Building Service (144) Washington, D.C.

Charles Polinger chaspol@gmail.com

Fleet Readiness Center (11) Southeast Jacksonville, FL

Michael Sikes dadsoldtruck@comcast.net 

Mayport Base (396) Jacksonville, FL

Linda Lentjes (Region Director) lentjescll@gmail.com

Robins Air Force Base (121) Warner Robins , GA

Michael Harnage mharnage@gmail.com

Center for Disease Control and Prevention (322) Atlanta, GA

Beverly King bxe1@cdc.gov

Internal Revenue Service (214) Atlanta, GA

Jon Love taxhelplove@aim.com

Kings Bay (258) Kings Bay, GA

Joseph Martin joseph.e.martin@navy.mil

Marine Corps Logistics Base (101) Albany, GA

Kitty Ney neykr@bellsouth.net

Pearl Harbor Area (19) Honolulu, HI

Eric Y. Kimura eric.kimura@navy.mil

Naval Facilities Engineering Command (187) Honolulu, HI

Glenn Todd gt@hawaiirocks.us

Department of Agriculture (389) Weiser, ID

Nick Partin npartin@ruralnetwork.net

Railroad Retirement Board (191) Chicago, IL

Valerie F. Allen valerie1914@sbcglobal.net

Enviromental Protection Agency (EPA) (375) Chicago, IL

Debbie C. Baltazar fma375pres@gmail.com

Great Lakes Program Service Center (PSC) (312) Chicago, IL

Mark Davis mark.davis@ssa.gov

Naval Weapons Center (170) Crane, IN

Nova Carden nova.carden@navy.mil

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) (198) Boston, MA

Michael Tortorici michaeltortorici@aol.com

U.S. Coast Guard Yard (41) Curtis Bay, MD

Frank E. Schwartz Jr. frank.e.schwartz@uscg.mil

SSA Office of Central Operations (OCO) (311) Baltimore, MD

Gwendolyn Franklin ileanafranklin@aol.com

National Institutes of Health (NIH) (123) Bethesda, MD

Clarence E. Dukes cd26z@nih.gov

United States Marine Corps (USMC) Base (57) Camp Lejeune, NC

Linda J. Bender lupender@yahoo.com

Marine Corps Air Station (21) Cherry Point, NC

Sue Thatch Sue.thatch@navy.mil

Portsmouth Naval Shipyard (6) Portsmouth, NH

Timothy Bergeron timothy.bergeron@navy.mil

Social Security Administration (SSA) (269) Philadelphia, PA

Valerie Barr Valerie.Barr@ssa.gov

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) (228) Manhattan, NY

Kathleen J. Herr kathleen.j.herr@irs.gov

Internal Revenue Service - New Jersey District (261) New Jersey

Mark Butera mark.butera@irs.gov

West Point (162) West Point, NY

Bruce D. Campbell campbellbpe@aol.com

Watervliet Arsenal (88) Watervliet, NY

Karen A. Heiser water-runner@hotmail.com

Internal Reveue Service (IRS) - Brooklyn District (213) Brooklyn, NY

Edwin H. Renard edwin.renard@irs.gov

Social Security Administration (SSA) (298) Jamaica, NY

Howard White mrhjw22@aol.com

Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) (275) Ohio

Ronald R. Gryga fmareg1ron@comcast.net

Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center (ALC) (78) Tinker Air Force Base, OK

Brian E. Linley brian.linley@cox.net

McAlester Army Ammunition Plant (34) McAlester, OK

Brad Rutledge bbb7767@yahoo.com

Federal Labor Managers Association (186) Pennsylvania

Jim Cain cain.james@dol.gov

Defense Logistics Agency (208) Philadelphia, PA

Susanne McHale smchale1125@gmail.com

Naval Air Station (204) Yardly, PA

Joseph W. Pryor joe.pryor@verizon.net

National Association of Credit Specialists of the Farm Service Agency (332) Pennsylvania

Mildred Turner Mildred.Turner@Northwest.com

Army Corps of Engineers (ACE) (136) Nashville, TN

Tony H. Bivens tonybivens@comcast.net

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) (392) Nashville, TN

Jack Jolly jack.jolly@irs.gov

Corpus Christi Army Depot (125) Corpus Christi, TX

Michael Creacy   michael.e.creacy.civ@mail.mil

Fort Bliss (252) Fort Bliss, TX

Robert L. Guile rguile1@sbcglobal.net

Hill Air Force Base (79) Ogden, UT

Richard Duarte rnhusky@msn.com

Social Security Administration Hearings Appeals Judges (385) Evansville, IN

Robert J. Labrum robert.j.labrum@ssa.gov

Norfolk Naval Area (8) Norfolk, VA

Rowland Harper tripler97@aol.com

Langley Air Force Base (150) Hampton, VA

Paul Miller famba@verizon.net

Norfolk Naval Shipyard (3) Portsmouth, VA

Craig Carter  FMACraig3@gmail.com

U.S. Marshals Service (373) Alexandria, VA

Dave Barnes ncc1701@citlink.net

McChord Air Force Base (235) Tacoma, WA

David Bishop dwbishop10@yahoo.com

Naval Commands (99) Keyport/Bangor, WA

Cat Sergeson  sergeson@comcast.net

Puget Sound Naval Shipyard (14) Bremerton, WA

David Kerr  dlkscottish@yahoo.com