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FMA Washington Report: September 14, 2020
Status Update on Fiscal Year 2021 Appropriations – and Bad News on a Pay Raise for
As we reported last month, the House of Representatives approved 10 of the twelve annual appropriations bills as part of two separate “minibus” packages prior to the August recess. Funding bills for Homeland Security and the Legislative Branch were not included in either package. The Senate has not yet considered or approved any appropriations bills for FY 2021, which begins on October 1. 

Congress has been in its traditional August recess since our last publication, so there has been no change to the status of FY21 appropriations. However, recent reports suggest Congress and the administration are making progress on talks toward a continuing resolution that would avert a shutdown and extend funding to a date to be determined.  

Additionally, things appear grim for the federal employee pay raise in 2021. In February, President Trump proposed a one percent pay raise in 2021, with no adjustment to current locality pay levels. Congress has remained silent on the subject, effectively endorsing the one percent proposal. Despite fears the proposed pay raise could be reduced or eliminated, feds remain on track for that bump in the new calendar year. 

FMA strongly supports the three percent raise the uniformed services are on track to receive in 2021, by way of the FY2021 National Defense Authorization Act, and we have repeatedly urged Congress to provide the federal workforce the traditional and fair pay parity with the military. We will continue to advocate for a pay raise throughout the appropriations process. However, with Congress continuing to debate over another Covid-19 relief package, keeping the government funded, and other issues, it is likely the one percent raise will remain in place for 2021.


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