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  • The 2015 fiscal year will end on September 30, yet Members of Congress have yet to develop a spending plan for FY16, beginning on October 1. In 2013, when elected officials failed to fund the federal government on time, there was a sixteen day shutdown. This resulted in a loss of $24 billion to the national economy and lowered the national GDP. Federal employees were forced out of their jobs, denying them pay, as well as delaying congressionally-mandated programs and projects. The Federal Managers Association (FMA) expressed to Members of the House and Senate the need for a funded government, otherwise it would be devastating to the economy and to those who are dependent on federal services.

    In a letter, FMA stated, “Members of the federal workforce are dedicated patriots who tirelessly serve their communities, fulfilling congressionally-mandated missions and goals and administering invaluable services to all Americans. Hundreds of thousands of federal employees—who are taxpayers like everyone else—are anxiously awaiting notification if they will be forced off their jobs next week.” FMA concluded, “A government shutdown is unnecessary and damaging to all Americans… I call upon you to put aside partisan differences and develop an essential spending plan for fiscal year 2016.”

    On Friday, September 25, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) announced he will step down from the Speakership and his seat in Congress on October 30. During his announcement, he told House Republicans he plans to introduce the clean spending plan, which originated in the Senate, which will fund the government through December 11. House Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers (R-KY) offered support of the clean CR, which the House will take up no sooner than Tuesday, September 29.

    To read the full letter from FMA, please visit the Legislative Action Center of the FMA website, www.fedmanagers.org.


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