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  • A VA fix that goes beyond banning bonuses

    By Eric Katz, Government Executive

    As federal law makers continue to examine the root cause of delays in service at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Phoenix medical facility, House Committee on Veterans Affairs Chairman Jeff Miller (R-FL) noted the bonuses encouraged employees to alter records regarding patient care. Responding to the problem, legislation in both the House and Senate call for banning bonuses as a means to avoid federal employees taking advantage of financial incentives. The Federal Managers Association (FMA), however, noted punishing creating a blanket ban on bonuses to target a limited group of problem employees is now way to run an effective federal government. FMA Executive Director Todd Wells commented, "Taking bonuses away from all top performers in order to punish the guilty has never been a plan embraced by successful companies. Many Members of Congress like to tout how if government ran like private companies all would be better." He further added, "They need to learn that they are in effect the federal government’s Board of Directors. As such, I would ask that they learn the lessons of the private sector and empower their employees rather than constantly tear them down."

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