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  • Agencies Struggle to Implement Mass Testing for Unvaccinated Feds - August 4, 2021
  • The Biden administration is requiring at least weekly COVID-19 testing for the unvaccinated, but the White House has offered few details about how that will happen.

    Eric Katz, Government Executive

    The Biden administration is enforcing “strict” new rules to mandate weekly testing of federal employees not vaccinated against COVID-19, but agencies do not yet have a plan to implement the burdensome requirements they now face.

    President Biden last week announced federal workers would soon be required to either “attest” they have been vaccinated or wear a mask and practice social distancing in the office and be subject to at least weekly testing for the coronavirus. The Safer Federal Workforce Task Force—led by the White House, General Services Administration and the Office of Personnel Management—issued guidance calling on every federal agency to “establish a program” to test employees either once or twice per week. The guidance left many questions unanswered, such as where the tests would be available, who would administer them and how they would be processed.

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