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  • Defense workers speak out against furloughs

    By Joe Davidson, Washington Post

    Members of the Federal Managers Association (FMA) who work within the Department of Defense spoke with Joe Davidson of the Washington Post on how furloughs are affecting their personal and professional lives. Many of whom already live pay check to pay check commented on the need to re-evaluate their expenses in order to get by. Additionally, federal managers are facing a strained workforce and are struggling to encourage a positive morale. Chapter 125 President Jamie Pettis commented, “Due to furloughs, the depot has lost several great journeyman mechanics to the oil fields. The experience loss will slow down production and increase quality defects due to a less experienced workforce... Currently, morale is tremendously low.” FMA Region 2 Director Dora Quinlan stated, "Like many federal employees, I am finding it difficult to complete my work in a 40-hour workweek; therefore, it will be very challenging for me along with my co-workers to stop work because we ran out of time. Even though I would be willing to volunteer my services to get the job done, by law I am prohibited from doing so.” Dave Garrison of Chapter 167 added, "The public at large seems to think that we deserve this...nothing could be farther from the truth. These are some of the most dedicated and hardest working people there are anywhere. They (we) have not had a pay raise in...3 years and now they’re cutting our pay by 20 percent."

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